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Give Away Free Stuff And Sell More: Moving the free line

Understanding the proper amount of free value to give away is pivotal for getting ROI. 📖 Join the discord to get the free book, 📈 Signup for my software, 🏠 See my house & property, 🔥 Learn about my coaching, Learn more about my story & connect with me on social media Get the perfect…

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How to Optimize TikTok for SEO

TikTok isn’t just for Gen Z. In fact, it’s rapidly emerging as one of the most important ways for audiences to search and collect information to inform their purchasing decisions. Didn’t think TikTok and SEO belonged in the same sentence? Think again. 00:00 Intro 00:59 Step 1 | Understand Your Audience and Their Search Intent…

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My Favorite Customer Service Tip

Customer service is everything – and not just because negative reviews can tank your credibility. Here’s a customer service tip I learned early on that I still try and live by every single day. 00:00 Intro 00:41 The Tip 00:58 Use Casual Subject Lines 01:31 Adopt a Conversational Tone in Your Content 01:57 Improve Your…

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