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Today I'm going to teach you about the WHIPS concept when it comes to content marketing. If you follow this concept, even if you're not the best writer, you'll be able to attract the right type of audience and then convert them into a customer. With content marketing, you don't need to be the best writer, you just need to understand your reader.

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And if you follow the WHIPS concept, you won't have to worry about that one bit. And I'm going to break them down one step at a time.

So window shopper, they're usually interested in purchasing something, but they might not be from you. They're always Googling, searching for a solution, and if you're using the keyword Ideas Report, Ubersuggest, it'll help you find a lot of help me key words. So when someone's Googling for the solution, you want to make sure they find your site. And again, you can get these keywords the inform me type of ones from the keyword Ideas Report within Ubersuggest.

Persuade me, these people know about a product or service and the competitors, and that's a really important part. And again, if you're looking for a comparison related keywords that are more so related to persuade me, you can find them in the comparison tab on Ubersuggest. And of course the show me, they knows about the specific product or service. They just need the final push.

20 things that'll help you become better content marketers.

– The first one is put people first. If you help people and always put them first, you're much more likely to succeed.

– Number two, you want to create content that teaches if your content doesn't teach and educate people and really provide a benefit where they're done reading and they're like, "Oh, I learned this," you're not going to do well.

– Number three, create a conversation. By creating a conversation, by using the words you and I within your blog post, it's going to feel like they're right there in front of you having a conversation with you and they're much more likely to stick around.

– Four, define your own tone. Use your own voice, do what's natural for you. Don't try to copy someone else's voice.

– You also want to write to one person. Remember, yes, thousands of people could be reading your content, but it's one person at a time, so make sure that you're writing to that one person. That way it's much more personable.

– You can also use Google voice instead of typing, so in Google docs you can use the voice feature. A lot of times I'll just talk and it'll write things down and then I'll go back and then modify it.

– Number seven, use active voice over passive voice. Active voices like you stole the cookie from the cookie jar.

– I also want you to keep your sentences short. Two to three sentences max per paragraph.

– I also want you to use simple words. I hate when people use complex words or technical jargon. It's really a big pet peeve for me.

– You also want to backup your findings with research. If you're using data trying to prove a point, you need a back it all up with research.

– Read inspirational writers. I read people like Seth Godin or Guy Kawasaki, love their writing style. Go find ones that really resonate with you, read it because it'll help you become a better writer.

– You also want to add visual media. I use a ton of images as well as videos and even sometimes audio file and it helps convey my message. Image says a thousand words.

– You want to guide your user to their next step. Let them know what they need to do step by step and make sure you interlink to other related content pieces that can help them with their journey.

– And of course with your blog posts, I love wrapping things up with a conclusion. A lot of people will go to your blog post, scroll all the way down, read the conclusion, if they like it, they'll scroll back up and then read the rest.

– Start with the personal story. Storytelling is a 1,000-plus-year-old marketing tactic. It works really well.

– Edits can wait, your piece doesn't have to be perfect.

– End with the question and when they leave a comment, I make sure I respond to each and every single one.

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