How to capture and grow quality email list faster

How to capture and grow quality email list faster

In order to be successful online you have to continually grow your email list with quality subscribers.

The quality of your list is mostly determined by their response. And this response are actions to a particular task you require them to take.

Which will in turn help you to get your ROI (Return on Investment) in your marketing and also create long lasting relationship.

To have this established you must continually to listen to their pains.

Pains are what give birth to problem and when you solve that problem you will honored.

Remember until somebody have problem you’re not necessary. Meaning where there is problem there’s prosperity.

So, to be successful online with consistent growth can be difficult if you don’t implement the right strategies and methods.

And this is what Frank Kern says on Essentials to list building.

Remember, changes occur every day mostly on the internet and the ability to follow the trends is what gives you an edge.

Which means, to grow your list faster you have to be mindful of the source and how to attract them. Which now take us to method and approach that could either be free or paid traffic.

Warning: For paid traffic you have to be careful and make sure you’re getting a human eye balls to see your ad not bot.

There are a lot of fake traffic sellers out there so beware.

Now, quickly let’s dive into other methods.

How to capture and grow quality email list faster

1. Through Landing Pages

Landing pages play vital role in list building and it is one of the most proven ways to build your list.

It sole purpose is to accomplish one action which is a sign up — be it a purchase or a share.

So, it’s a give and take strategy. Meaning you’re asking for an email address and you’re also giving out something in exchange.

Most often they are valuable content that are generally not given out; which could either be guides, e-books, videos or any other piece of valuable content.

For any landing page to be effective, the  positioning (where it is displayed), how compelling the offer or message is with a call to action, proposed solutions / benefits on it will determine  if it will convert.

That’s why it is always advisable to positioning it strategically, most times on home page and above the fold. Because most times majority of your visitors go there to get more details your site.

Thereafter they go to your About page.

A very good example is Brian Dean of Backlinko an SEO Expert

How to capture and grow quality email list faster

Therefore capturing visitor’s email when they are most curious is very important.


Because on visiting chances are they’ve heard about you and they’re (at the very least) curious about your brand.

And atimes they see you as an authority and want to see how you can help them.

So, how do you create a landing page?

Landing pages can be created using Email Service Providers like Getresponse, Leadpages, UnBounce and Instapage etc.

The good thing about these providers is that they have pre-built landing pages where you just fill in your messages and activate them with your website URL.

2. Pop-ups

Popup is a window that appears in the foreground of your web page with an instruction or request from the visitor. They can be a full page takeover, a mid-screen popup or slide.

They are effective ways of capturing email addresses of visitors. But, it must be installed in a manner that it won’t embarrass the visitors.

It should allow you to close if you don’t want to subscribe or take action requested, so nothing is forced.

Some visitor doesn’t like it, likewise some search engines like Google when you’re doing paid ads. But it does work very well for email capturing.

For popup to convert very well you need to have a great headline, description and call-to-action which must get your point across quickly and efficiently.

Effective Email Opt-in Strategies

Pop-ups Installation:

1. Popup can be set base on different action that visitors may take while on your site and intent point.

At the exit intent when the visitor want to leave your site, you use it to salvage the situation and collect their email address.

Your offer can be a great deal giveaway or an extremely valuable piece of content will prompt visitor to give their email address.

It is a strategy of turning a disinterested visitor into a potential customer if you can get them to sign on.

2. Another strategy is using a timed popup by utilizing the average timing user stay on a site. This is done by setting the timing to few seconds when the visitors open your site.

This timing are mostly determine by the page the user visits.

For example: If a user visit a blog page it is advisable to allow the timing to be a bit long before it pop up in order not to discourage the visitor from reading your content.

3. Also, there’s popup strategy that trigger based on percentage page read. When a visitor has read up to a percentage of your post the popup will show with message box.

4. Another popup that’s effective is the static pop-up, whereby the sign up box is static on one side of the page. Even as you’re scrolling the page up and down it will stay.

How to capture and grow quality email list faster

The strategy behind this is to follow the reader and also not interrupt what the visitor is reading. So the reader have that implicit, subtle nudge to opt in the entire read.

Also the static popup is easily accessible, so if the visitor is satisfied, gets value from the blog post then the visitor can opt-in for that call-to-action.

3. Leverage Checkout Process

This strategy works best on e-commerce site. It is a method whereby an email opt-in is place on checkout page strategically to collect the email address of a buyer or highly engaged person in your market.

A highly engage user will possibly have a long time relationship with you if you can established your relationship by updating them frequently.

This can be about discounts, new products or news and events through your email broadcast.

Integrating your cart with your email service provider to automate the collection and enrollment in your autoresponder series is a perfect method to collect leads.

So in your call-to-action let them know what they’ll be receive when they enter their email addresses.

For example: “An email will be sent to this address containing the purchase details”

You can place this close to the sign up request slot.

How to capture and grow quality email list faster

4. Use Coupon in Exchange for Email Address

Coupon is a long time strategy that’s still effective till date. It is mostly done by giving visitors discounts or coupon code via their email address.

It’s a process whereby you offer discount or coupon in exchange for the visitors email.

To get this done is by setting up an application that will redirect to a page with the discount or coupon code after the visitor has entered their email address.

Or by sending it through your autoresponder so as to ensure that their subscription is confirm.This method is  mostly used because it allows you to make sure that the discount or coupon code is sent to an active email address.

You can even put a call to action at the bottom to show where they’re to enter their email address.

How to capture and grow quality email list faster

5. Use Pre-Selling Method

Pre-selling method is a strategy most marketers don’t often use or do not use correctly to get result.

This is a product launch  idea to get visitors to join your list with their email address. It a great source that entails you promising your audience that you’re about to release  a mouthwatering product that will cure a great pain in that niche.

To get this done properly there are ways to it and this where most marketers miss it.

Let’s look at how these strategies are use.

  1. Take a problem in your niche and think about how to provide a perfect solution to that problem in a simplified manner.
  2. Or survey your audience, clients, customers or members of your list to know the common issues they have  and best kind of solution they wish to have.
  3. Then develop an outline for the solution and how to provide it.
  4. Pre-frame them by stating the problem and your projected solution / benefits when it will released.
  5. Get them to opt-in to an awaiting list and let them know that that it will be highly discounted to them when it is release.
  6. Tell them to also share and let their friends know about it and for any referral (which will be hard coded to anyone that refer via a link which you will provide) will have addition bonuses.

“Remember, you must deliver promised to maintain your integrity and if otherwise it will backfire on you”

How to Get it Done?

Advertise the projected product in creation using landing page with benefits and call-to-action to get them opt-in for a waiting list at a highly discounted rate upon the release.

Remember you’re putting your integrity to these and must deliver in order to have a standing and good relationship with your list including trust.

To efficiently get this done, once they’ve opt-in respond automatically with emails to explain more about the product with the expected benefits when it is launch.

Note that this tactics also allows you to filter the serious people among them if you so wish, thereby building your list with quality emails and reputation for the product.

6. Use Training Course

Another method on How to capture and grow quality email list faster  is to produce a powerful course with solution and benefit to a problem that is common to your niche.

Give it out for free within a limited time (maybe 3 days in a month every month) in exchange for email address.

This method is presenting availability to build your list.

7. Use Event Platform

Eventbrite is a great platform to grow your list with qualifies email address. Email list can grow exponentially  through this platform if done well.

The way to achieve this is by organizing a great event centered at providing solutions to your audience.

Not only that, organizing an event is necessary to pre-sell a product before launch or launch it to the market place. It is an effective platform that create awareness.

Having a great event can get you a lot of customers to your business or brand in as much as you continually deliver values and benefits.

So to start with, you use Eventbrite as your platform to broadcast your event and collect leads from interested prospect when people opt-in.

Once they opt-in submit their details there emails will be pass on to you in your autoresponder.

To effectively build your relationship get them to know much about the event when they opt-in and what they will be getting in terms of benefits.

And at the event make sure you deliver values more than expected to make your presence valuable to them which will in turn create trust and love for your brand.

Bonuses, giveaways can also be given to keep them relating with you and your brand.

8. Leverage Referral through Existing List

Referral through your existing list is a low hanging fruit and effective strategy that most people don’t use. This strategy work well in cases where you have exiting list that is responsive.

The tactics that work best with this kind of strategy are:

  1. Look for a pain (problem) in your niche and provide a solution base product that will solve to problem in phases.
  2. Send mail to your list or do a Conference calls or Facebook Live pre-framing them about the product them about the pain (problem) with the solution you’ve got and willing to give out free.
  3. The only way to get it is to refer 5 friends in same niche that need the product. Make it clear that the emails will be verified (of course it will) before you qualify to have access the product.
  4. Once they refer 5 friends and it’s been verified then you give access. And you will see list grow exponentially.

9. Use a Training Course via email (Email Course)

To know How to capture and grow quality email list faster training courses are great resources.

The strategy to this is to create an email course that will be delivering unique and valuable training in phase via your autoresponder.

This course must be focus on a unique solution to help people to grow in that niche. Meaning for course access email address has to be use.

Email course has a perceive value so people will be willing to path with their emails to have access to the training.

To get this done think about a solution or simplify something complex in that niche and chunk it out into your autoresponder in series and deliver it when people opt in.

You can also have it on your website as a membership site whereby you give the first lesson out for free and request for email sign up to access the rest.


Ignoring trends that can be leverage is a bad attitude that do hinder growth and success.  So also it’s important to follow trends with integrity.

To know How to capture and grow quality email list faster you must follow trends and don’t lie to extort or play on your list intelligence.

And please note that some of the tips above might take some time for you to see result except for the paid traffic.

The paid traffic source do guarantee quick result with real human clicks not bot.

I’ve use this source and get result several times and here’s one of my stats…

So, sincerity and integrity matters in building relationship that will be beneficial to you and you list.

Treat your list well and you will but enjoy the relationship.

Please share and let me know in your comment below if there’s any area you want me to be of help.

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