Emotional Marketing methods that works

Emotional Marketing methods that works

Emotional Marketing methods that works

Understanding your prospect emotions is the key to make them buy in any marketing system.

To have people to buy in any given situation you must be able to capture their emotions.

Having the right strategy that work in capturing prospect and converting that prospect to customer lies on the power of emotion.


Remember, attracting the right prospect in your funnel alone do not guarantee sales but pre-framing and capturing via their emotions get them to buy from you.


You must have an opposite voice.

Your opposite voice will always attract and make prospect to start reacting by listening to you.  And it goes viral when it has an element of anticipation and surprise.

Which means what they are hearing from you is different from the noise out there. What they are hearing from you is what will benefit them.

So, having an opposite voice that makes them to understand that if they aren’t successful as expected in their business doesn’t mean there are no successes. Just that it isn’t happen with them doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

To get things to fall in place got to be rules to follow.

And if you have the power to re-write the rules it makes you a winner?

What are the rules?

An empowering and inspiring marketing strategies which implies you to be friend to the friendless, inspire prospects that are downcast through the creations of warm relationship that will inject / create happiness or provide solution as benefits.

Before we dig deep I want you to watch this Unlikely Best Friends video

What does this mean?

As human we feel our ways to reason were our decisions are taking.

Which shows how powerful emotions are, it never hinder decisions but rather constitute the foundation on which decisions are made.

Which means it creates dreams and the dreams create the expected life.

Using this strategy you stand out in a noisy world and get your prospects stick to you.

Emotional Marketing methods that works

How to apply it in your marketing:

Through the Power of Happiness

Confusion kicks in when we’re overwhelmed by everything that we can do, but can’t find the time or the courage to actually commit and follow through.

And that bring us to an unhappy mode which is the state that most prospects are in their business.

So, if you can connect, lead, see, speak, create, encourage, challenge and contribute via their emotions to make them to be happy then you have left them off the hook.

Meaning, you have make them realize that there is a big gap between what they know and what they think they know.

Every prospect wants to be an epitome of happiness.  They want to be happy and be known that their brand is doing well. Giving them that sense of feeling and helping them to achieve that objective will make them stick to you.

Emotional Content

Creating inspirational content speaks directly to the state of prospect. Inspirational content are emotional, it’s a way of getting their attention which will tempt them to listen to you.

At a point of failure people seek for solution even at the edges. Because being surrounded by people on the same journey has causes them to fail and you showing up as a rescuer calls for attention.

And if your path is pretty simple to follow and be successful with they will resonate with you.

So, if you’re never too busy to do the work that truly matters and believe there is no limit on empathy, then you’ve got the positive and powerful application to their conversion.

Because, to be successful you need the right people help to succeed.

Talking to them emotionally that fear is not an excuse, and helping them to learn in a simplified way create confidence, it make their burden lighter and give them the confidence in your ability to create the change that they want to see.

Every decision is rooted in emotions. The more you understand their emotions the better your product, pitch, friendship and leadership will resonate with them.

Tell them the Truth

Just because you have a business or brand doesn’t necessarily mean you are entitled to demand. Every market decides what it wants we only strive to influence it.

Most times it’s the incessant daily mistake that keep most prospects captive. Most cases it makes them to fail.

Dealing with this troll that creates uncertainty is important. Showing your prospects how to share the bagful of pain and have a useful insight, a clue to cure the obstacle cause by their mediocre skill is very important.

Mind you, you have to strategic about it.

Don’t make them feel that they don’t know what they are doing, do in a constructive way, make it significant but without offending them. Appreciate them; appreciate their courage to have gone far to that level.

Let them know that it’s a problem but it is open to solution and that’s why you’re with them and the solution is what you wish to provide.

Solution is possible but it has to be demanded because nothing works without it demands.

But, be open, don’t lie. Be yourself and don’t tell them what you’re not.

It will help you to make a significant without offending anyone.  You’re there to let them off the hook.

This video will help you to understand better.

“My dad’s story”: Dream for My Child | MetLife

Use the Power of Fear

The fear of the unknown is a powerful force that can make and break people. Realizing that there’s a difference between (make and break) is the first step in making better decisions.

One of the things that make us react appropriately to threat is fear.

It is an instinct that creates urgency and prompts us to take action. It makes us to buy something that will prevent terrible things from happening.

Leveraging on the scare and making use of it as an attention grabbing features in your marketing or ad is important.

Everybody wants liberty from every disturbing issues and concern.

It’s one of the easiest ways to grab attention and always works.


Because, it is based on expectation or change that occur when an action is not taking towards significant issue.

A very good example is scarcity, limited time or limited offer in sales pitch.

A marketing strategy where fear is amplified, market and spread in form of concern if an action is not taking emotionally make people to take action.


Which of the emotional marketing methods that works have you use in your marketing?

Do you apply the above methods? Does it work for you?

Let me know in your comment below and please share with your friends.


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