Generating Traffic and Conversion Using Slideshare

 Generating Traffic and Conversion Using SlideShare.

SlideShare is a content presentation platform use for infographics, videos and documents sharing. It is a powerful platform for presentation and if leveraged it allow you to build your reputation as an expert on any subject-matters.

Using this platform can help you via your content to capture the insight of your audience intent. And that can help you stand out and make your audience to resonate more with you.

It helps to create an easy understanding through it visual content form that can boost your search visibility when connected and share with your social link and also make it easy to find and possibly go viral.

To get your presentation more inspiring and generate traffic with conversion using SlideShare the following ways can be helpful and effective.

Powerful Message

To have your message resonated with and delivered to the targeted audience it must be clear, concise and straight to the point.

Meaning you must deliver value that will be beneficial to your audience and have it consistently with your identity so as to build your credibility and trust with your target audience.

This method helps to attract the attention of your audience and make them happy to share it with their friends on their social and other platform.

Having a powerful message is important with SlideShare, you can have your relevant information pass on to your audiences and also empower your audience to know more about what you’re doing.

These help to evoke strong feelings which inspire them to proactively act upon what you want them to do after watching the presentation.

Generating Traffic and Conversion Using Slideshare



If you want to have your message shared and digested easily by your audiences make it simple. This simplicity means it has to be valuable, focused, understandable and easy to use or apply.

These prevent your audience not been overwhelmed and keep them focused. Having a small amount of slide page, with fewer words that are straight to point’s works well.

Be Thorough

Depending on your subject matters, detailing your message is very important so as to deliver well. The nature of the message that you’re delivering is what determine if your slides have to be short or long.

Having in-depth  and concise information is vital but in some case you might not be able to deliver with few slides, but the best approach is to use both the long and short format so as to see which one will generate more traffic and conversion without making your audience bored.


First approach matters a lot in SlideShare presentation. If the title and look of your presentation is appealing to people that’s when they will want to click and see the information you have for them.

Using a captivating title is a good strategy that compels your audience to click through the slides. Using bold and interesting title that will attract your audience and gather a lot of clicks is a good idea.

If you then have a valuable content that is amazing it will help your slide to attract traffic.


Keywords play a big role in positioning of any content in search engine. Having a long tail keywords empower your SlideShare to get more traffic.

And it thus works well when you have it in the tittle, description and body of your content. This will help to rank your content and allow visibility.


Having your link well position without overwhelming your audience is important In your SlideShare contents.

You can place your affiliation links at the beginning and end of your SlideShare and also in other strategic places inside the content.

Remember you don’t have to bug them with it for your content not to lose value or seen as if you’re pitching them to buy.

The name of the game is value delivery, if you can deliver value that your audience resonates with, they will respond to your call to action.

Color Presentation

Colors are vital to your SlideShare presentation and attraction. The colors you use in your presentation matters a lot. Not having the right and appealing colors can make your SlideShare to sucks and repel traffic.

Having the right and not too many colors; in most cases two or three at most is always good.

Remember the strategy behind SlideShare is visual displays that appeal to the eyes, speak to the brain and trigger emotion.

So, having a consistent image and logo is very important.

I advise using attractive colors that will not repel traffic to get the clicks you so desire.


As I said earlier, the strategy behind Slideshare is visual displays that appeal to the eye, speaks to the brain and trigger emotion; having an attractive image matters a lot to your Slide Show presentation.

So, focusing on the things that are going to give you the most results is important and things like your graphics will make you to stand out.

If you don’t have much of budget you can get images from site like which is free for both personal and commercial use and requires no attribution.

Take note that it is wise to pick pictures that have white-space so as to have space where you will put your text.

Generating Traffic and Conversion Using Slideshare

Downloading images larger than 1024 x 768 for 4:3 or 1280 x 720 for 16:9 presentations are always good for high quality.

To have more visual appeal and conversion Freepik is another great resource for FREE logos, illustrations, vectors, icons and stock photos.

Having attractive images speaks and triggers emotions. If your image is good it will speak goodness your audience and trigger their emotion to resonate with your message. And that is where the conversion starts.

Now, couples with your valuable content it will make them to see you as an authority. Amazing images make Slides Show to be attractive and get your audience to concentrate.

Also, on the issue of number of images in slide show; it is usually determined by the contents and length. The nature of the content is what determines the number of images.

If you have a lengthy and valuable content it is advisable to have more of images for descriptive purpose so as not to bug your audience with only text.

Mind you, a relevant image to match your content does convince and convert your target prospects by getting them to easily understand what you’re delivering.


Whenever you’re presenting your Slides Show preview, strategically seize the opportunity to display a preview of your website or blog, so as to show to your audience that you have more valuable and in-depth information if they can visit your website or blog for more.

You can even add an outbound link to your slide, most times it is good to have it from the 4th page of the slides because it not all people that might view your slide to the end.

But if you have a value delivery presentation which is not too lengthy majority of your audience will see it to the end.

But, depending on the nature of the presentation you are showing, you can even put a sample of your publication on a slide page and put call to action that will redirect them to your site for full information.

You can as well put it at the end of the Slide Show page with a pronounce redirect link, this shows that you do not want to distract or digress while presenting the slides initially.

These types of method with high quality content allow your audience to trust you more mostly with their information in any call to action you instruct them to do.

This is vital for lead generation most especially when your content is found on another influencer or expert website.

Leverage the Power of Sharing

In every niche there are expert and influencers. Connecting with experts and influencers in your niche is a great way to have your SlideShare viewed and reach new people.

The strategy behind this is to share the expert or influencers content with your audience to gain new traffic and also the expert or influencer’s share your content with her audience to make her audience see your content and in turn you get new traffic.

It is a win-win thing for both parties whereby you gain traffic from her existing audience and she will get traffic from your audience too, not only that, it make both of you more popular in that niche.

Leverage Recent and Major News

Most major media networks look for recent news in their search. Having your SlidShare content linked to breaking or recent news get your contents noticed and picked up by their network and can go viral.

This helps you to get noticed and have your content viewed by a lot of people and Slideshare team, also with related websites and blogs in your niche.

It great ways to have your content share and even go viral.

High Quality Content

To generate traffic from SlideShare there are two important things to take note of which are the quality of your content and the presentation.

Let your presentation present enough value because that is what will make them see you as an expert.

So give them something they can create an Aha moment, solutions to or related to the problem that they have and offers a possible up-sell opportunity.

You can even through up a landing page with an attractive lead magnet to make it catchy.

Remember, the look and the quality of your works is what attracts people to you. So the format and quality of the presentation matters a lot. If you upload the best presentation of high quality you will get tons of traffic.

The best format most time is using PDF because it makes your format look the same across all devices compare to PPS.

Putting your creative ability to use in having the best quality and content deliver is necessary to get you more and quality traffic. You can also pay for the services if you can’t do it by yourself by looking for someone that can best deliver the service to you.

Share through Social Media

Social media is a great resource to have your SlideShare distributed to your existing followers and also get more followers easily. Having your SlideShare link to your social media make it easy to share your contents and also have it share by your followers.

Apart from your SlideShare account, having it in your social media make it another source of traffic generation.

This can be customized in such a way by having them posted in scheduled time for it to be seen by your audience and followers. But the most important thing is to make sure that all eyes see your SlideShare.

Sometimes you can as well leverage other influencer’s followers to have your post in front of them to get traffic.

Leverage other Conversion Methods

Leveraging on referral tools is a great platform in Generating Traffic and Conversion Using Slideshare.

It is important to leverage other conversion methods to get leads. To use these method you must have a good, effective and beneficial lead magnet or hook.

Having an application like PayWithATweet embedded in your presentation so people can spread the love and get the presentation or lead magnet in return is a great strategy.

To have this done you can head to to get it setup and embedded in your presentation.

This method can get you tons of leads and also make your presentation go viral which will in turn generate a lot of traffic to your presentation.

Generating Traffic and Conversion Using Slideshare


Generating Traffic and Conversion Using Slideshare



Generating Traffic and Conversion Using SlideShare is by putting in steady and targeted effort to your presentation.

Apply this tips and backing it up with quality presentation and content make your brand to be know and resonate with.

These make it easier for people to know who you’re and what you stand for. And if they resonate with your offer they will see you as an authority and thereby follow you.

Are you using this tips in your business? Let me know in your comment below.

Remember, there’s love in sharing please share this content with your friends or list if you find it valuable.

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