Here’s What You Need to Outrank Your Competition

No matter what you type in on Google your competition's ranking at the top. How do you beat your competition? What do you really need to do so you can outrank them? because if you can, your business would explode. Today I'm going to break down what you need to do to outrank your competition.



First off, I want you to go to Google and type in any keyword that you know your competition's ranking for. So I'm going to type in marketing. As you can see here HubSpot, I compete with them for a lot of terms on Google, they rank. And what do I need to do to outrank HubSpot? And you can do this for a lot of terms that you're looking to rank for but I'm going to break it down for a URL like this like HubSpot and then go from there. So then that way you can see the exact process that I use to determine what I need to do in order to beat my competition.

So the first thing I look at is the domain authority. As you can see here they're 92, estimated visits. If I click the dropdown here, it'll end up showing all the keywords that they're ranking for on this page.

You can see how many social shows they have, and how many backlinks they have as you can see here 192. So I also pulled up the URL here, which is is marketing And I'm going to take that URL and put it into Ubersuggest. So I'm going to go into Ubersuggest, type in the domain. And I'll look up the whole domain first.

So under type you looked, make sure it's selected as domain. You'll see domain authority, backlinks, referring domain names is 212,000 for blog.hubspot. And then you have the overall organic monthly traffic. Now I want to select the exact URL. When I select the exact URL you can see domain authority of 92, backlinks 421, referring domain names 192, organic monthly traffic. It's more than zero, but it's low. So when you look at this you can see anchor text distribution how many links that they have.

And in general, I can see that they're ranking for a lot of keywords but don't just look at the individual URL. I want you to look at the overall domain level.

In addition to that, look at the pages that are ranking well for them that you want to rank for. What is their content? How in-depth is it? What can you do to outperform them and make something that's better? Is your user experience great? And I would have to say, when I look at the user experience they don't have tons of pop-ups great experience not a ton of sidebar stuff.

Let's say allow cookies, popups, not too bad. It was more so later on on the page experience. And you can probably move the content a little bit higher on the fold.

There's a lot of wasted space up here. So that could be improved if this was your website or if you're trying to beat them. And then you can look at the content. Maybe they can add more images. Maybe they can add more stats or data. Maybe they can add videos or explainer video.

Then the next thing I want you to look at is how many brand queries they have because brand queries are super important.

Another thing that I want you to look at is how many (indistinct) do they have?

So in the sidebar, click on in Ubersuggest I want you to click on SEO analyzer, and type in your competitor's domain so let's say click HubSpot or type that in. You can see their overall SEO score how they compare to you.

And the other thing that you'll end up finding out is if you want to really beat someone, the one thing that most people don't look at when it comes to SEO and this is the most important factor, and I know there's over 200 factors but I give you the main ones to look at.

All this kind of stuff is super important because at the end of the day, SEO is dependent on a lot of external factors like branding, backlinks, and you can't build, a hundred thousand backlinks easily or build an amazing brand out of thin air unless you have a really good product or service.

So I don't want you to just look at SEO as, hey I need more backlinks. I need to write more content. I want you to also think about what can you do to make amazing user experience? What can you do to make an amazing product? And this will give you all feedback and data points on how you can improve your SEO and outrank your competition. It's not a quick hit.

It's not a short-term thing. All this stuff takes a lot of effort to win but when you do win, you can create a massive business.

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