How to Attract More Traffic to your Website

How to Attract More Traffic to your Website

You’ve set up your business website, and you want to attract the right and more audience right away.

Before doing that let’s take a look at some few things, however, let’s quickly go over your website structure to make sure it is fully optimized to reward your hard work with success – and the exact type of audience you need.

But first, there are four areas to consider:

  • The type of audience you want to attract
  • What you want them to do as they land on your website
  • Provision of value to them
  • How easily can they find what they want

Once you have decided on these four areas, you can ensure that your site is set up to automatically create your ideal conditions – and attract the right audience.

Before we even go further let us check your business.

It is important to make sure your business is set up to allow you to do what you love best so as to deal with the types of audience you like best.

Most times starting at the right place might not be achievable, but make sure that your set conditions are up so as to put you on course, towards the goal.

Remember the secret to attract the right audiences is Love.

How do I mean?

If I may ask you, do you really love what you’re doing?

Are you driven by passion?

If you’re; then you will attract audience that will truly be rewarding. And another secret to that is specialization.

For example, if you’re a virtual assistant don’t just be a virtual assistant – be a virtual assistant who specializes in Getresponse set up or any other Autoresponder set up. Or a Copywriter that specializes only in Sales Copy Writing.

This should be in whatever you love doing most and find most easy.

My candid advice is; “your client and their need will always provide all the challenges you will be dealing with to provide your service to them. So, focus and know their challenge and let it be the one that drives you”.

Let it be a task that will make you feel guilty if you’re not doing them.

Although you won’t be able to do everything but the task that you need to outsource, outsource them.

Eliminate those that need to be eliminated and whichever you can stress and promote, do it with passion.

Now, let’s go!

How to Attract More Traffic to your Website

Audience Category

The first question you should always ask yourself is “who do you want to attract and do business with?”

Because, if your business is for everyone that’s an indication to failure.

Do you know why?

Nobody ever succeed in helping everybody.

For you to succeed you have to specialize and attract targeted audience.

You must specialize in a particular services or product needed by specific set of people.

And to know what to deliver you have to know your audience avatar.

Who are your targeted audience?

What do they need?

What is their biggest challenge?

How do you intend to help them in overcoming those challenges?

This and more are what your website or business should take into consideration and deliver.

So if your site or services can take their pain and deliver solutions in a simplified manner then your site has become a great resource that will attract that group of audience.

Let your site be an epitome of solution. Once the prospect land on your site she should be able to propose that your website is right for her and if it does they will resonate with your message.

So make sure your landing page offer a prominently display.

With these they don’t need to be told if your website is right for them or not.

How to Attract More Traffic to your Website

Messaging through your landing page

It is necessary to have a dedicated landing page with navigating menu bar on your website that aligns your service delivery to your visitor’s expectations.

A good positioning for dedicated landing page should always be above the fold. At the top area of your website is always better.

So if you want the right sort of audience and referrals optimize your site to align your service delivery to your visitor’s expectations through your dedicated landing page.

Your website, widgets, forms and other content should all consistently testify to your professionalism, in order to attract the right audience. And make sure you get rid of the distractions to help visitors focus on your brand and message.

At a glance your visitors should be able to know what is required of them to do. These allow you to be able to reach more and have better prospects.

And remember while advertising your site you should always link to that dedicated landing page that will convert those visitors who click on it to your email subscriber’s.

When you understand the prospect wants and communicate to them via that angle they will resonate with you.

How to Attract More Traffic to your Website


Use the power of giving

There’s love in sharing so they say. To receive you have to first give, not only give but give   things that are of value.

Giving things of value to your audience for free is vital. It creates interest. Unexpectedly it automatically increases your customer base and sometimes it goes viral.

A very powerful way of doing this is to create what your competitor sell and give it out free. Everybody loves free things. I believe you do as well?

That’s what motivates your audience and make them to trust you more. It also helps to build confidence in your audience before they start to pay for your service.

Remember you have different type of audience that will always be at your site.

  1. An experience or professionals looking for mercilessly cut-rate
  2. Newbies or new business owners with minimal budgets
  3. A newbie or business owner who is ready to pay for your service but want to have a taste or check if your service has value to deliver.

Giving away valuable tips or solutions to your targeted audience through your website is a great channel to open floods of right audience to your site.

How to Attract More Traffic to your Website

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 Offline Strategy

Most time we underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. It is a very powerful method that most people don’t use and this can as well bring a lot of audience to your site by leveraging on their referral.

For example, when you provide services or sell products to your customer, you can later put a call to them asking about your product or services value if they enjoy it and get their expected value for their money.

In your conversation when they mention how great it is; thank them and seize the opportunity to ask if they know anyone else that would benefit from your services or product they should please recommend you.

If she has no more need for your service or product herself she will demand for it and she will often be pleased to recommend you (it makes her look like a heroine to whoever she is referring you to).

This method works and it is often been ignored.

Graphical Illustration

Make sure that every word and graphic on your website and other content is speaking directly to your ideal prospect – not to anyone else as they land on your website.

In reaching out to targeted audience you have to be focus.

Potential prospect come to your website when she needs your services and you don’t want to put that prospect off till later (especially if she looks like a great prospect).

So, having an info-graphic illustration on your site that will give better understanding to the prospect is important. So prospect don’t have the time to read all through but majority will scan through.

Info-graphic illustrations works very well to make the prospects understand better and let it be catchy.

Prospect are very impressed when you make each stage crystal-clear and show them a professionally-graphical illustration, detailing their expected solutions or benefits.

These will not only make them to see if they can fit it in, but it will help bolster the potential prospect’s impression that you are competent and know what she want or her solution entails.

You can create a simplified version for exploratory purposes only and a more thorough version in your membership site if you have any.

How to Attract More Traffic to your Website


Be Unique

The powerful key to success lies in creating offers for tasks you can do so easily, you barely consider them tasks and can afford to price competitively, whereas someone on the same field may struggle with that same task and is willing to outsource it.

Be unique; specialize in different area in your field and that will make others to need your services. They may need your unique knowledge to boost their own business presence.

Use your niche advertising platform

Advertising doesn’t mean taking out a glossy five-thousand dollar magazine ad as your platform.

It does mean taking out cost-effective ads in the right place. Know where your audience gathers both online and offline.

Create an avatar of your likely prospects. Check to know where and how you can advertise your service or product to them.

For example, you can create a Facebook ad, sending prospect to the most relevant page on your website.  You can as well advertise on blogs or do a banner placement site that are in your niche.

Also you can ask an expert in your niche to comment on your site which represents a social proof or you contribute articles to authority blogs if you can.

Leverage the Power of Forum or Membership site

Every forum and membership site has their policies.  If you belong to a forum or membership site filled with your ideal prospects – and it’s always a good idea to do so; if only to get a better handle on their problems and desires – create an Introductory Special Offer.

But check the forum rules before uploading your Special Offer.  These usually have to be run by an Administrator or Moderator first.

And let them know that this is only available as a taste of your services or product; and that future price will be at your regular rates.

Leverage on the Power of Quality Brand

And here’s one truth about quality product or services.

The customer that buys your product or service is often the customer that returns six months or a year down the road to buy your premium services or products.

Your services or product pack acted as a “sampler” of your competence and expertise.  If you’ve branded your product or with your name, website URL and contact details, she will feel very comfortable buy from you.

This creates trust and goodwill – and ultimately, not too far down the road, it can segue into a strong business relationship.

If your customer only buys your product and never returns, you still win:  You’ve made money from customers on work already done… all while you were busy producing work for actual current customers.

Offer people who visit your website a highly-focused solution product that supplies their most immediate need – which when you research it, often turns out to be learning what benefits they will reap from buying from you.

Create a position for yourself as their favored expert via the quality of your products or services.


It is important for you to know that you will find your own mix of places to put out the word; and some may work better for you and some better for another person in your niche, but the most important strategy of all?

Get up, optimized for your ideal prospect, and running – and get the word out there!

Please note no one else has your unique business, services and personality.

You just have to let the right prospect know. And always keep in mind that your prospects are often more a question of investment than of one single jerk of the fishing line.

If you apply these strategies above you will get tons of traffic to your site.

Please let me know your comment below if you will apply or currently applying this method on How to Attract More Traffic to your Website.

And please share with your friends too. Remember there is love in sharing.

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