How To Get Traffic Through Retargeting

It is a platform used to serve ads to visitor prior to their engagement. A very  effective strategy been use to recapture visitors by serving ads to them after they have left your website and did not take action.

Your ads will be appearing to the visitor on every site the targeted visitor browse as a way of reminder or attention to the user.

It can be use in different ways either through email, search or CRM retargeting.

The way it works is through cookie that is drop on the browser of the visitor while browsing a site, reading email or searching.


It is an automated thing that works in fractions of second whereby when the visitor go to another site the cookie will inform the retargeter and if there’s ads space on that site it will be bided for by the retargeting provider and if they win their ads will be shown on the space where the targeted visitor is browsing. Most cases the targeted user does not know and if the user is interested he or she might opt in.

In as much as this practice is good it can as well backfire. Overexposure can lead to decrease in the effectiveness of the ads. And if that happen it will trigger a negative thought on the mind of the prospect making him or her to ignore your ads completely.

What to do for your retargeting to be effective.

Put a frequency cap that will dictate how many times your ads will be shown to a targeted user for it not to saturate and result in banner blindness. I do recommend 20 times per user in a month. This method most time get some of them to take action.


Values and control on how to use retargeting to get leads that converts are as follows:


One of the things you can do with retargeting is repetition. It gives you an advantage to retarget same user with another ads that can be an up sell or another product. But you have to be careful and make sure that the user is not been served the former ads that he or she had already taken action on. This is a big mistake that most people make that annoys most users that has already been converted.

In cases like this what you do is to use a burn code. Burn code is a pixel that is place on the post-transaction page to untag the converted customer. It will burn the previous ads and put the user on the new campaign.


With retargeting you can segment your targeted audience, by serving them relevant ads at different stage base on their level of engagement. You do this by placing different retargeting pixel on each page on your site and modify your creative according to the level of commitment of each user.

When a prospect come into your funnel it will be serve to them according to their level of commitment and making sure that they are serve the relevant ads that will get them engage. And it is your funnel structure determine the process.


You can retarget user base on the demographic order, like gender or age, background features or geographical data. What you do is to fine tune your creative’s by ensuring relevancy and effectiveness. If you apply this method it will save you a lot of impression that could have been wasted and cost you more.

This method does not only make relevancy of your ads but also help to make sure that the ads is serve to the people that most need it.



Retargeting create brand awareness and make it easy for your brand to be seen everywhere due to the effectiveness of the display and measurable channel. To an extent it creates a market share for you.

Though it might not result to immediate sales but it influence prospect to make purchase later by encouraging their later actions.



It’s always good to have your retargeting done by one provider. The reason is for you to have control over your frequency cap by instructing your provider the number of times you want the ads to be served to avoid saturation that can lead to banner blindness and it will also reduces your media cost.

For example if you do your retargeting with different providers, let say 5 providers; they will all be bidding for the same space and the one with the highest bid will take the position thereby increasing your media cost.

Though it is good to test and know which one perform best, but it has to be done one-by-one by using one provider each month until you find the best provider that you like most base on your result with optimization.


Test your campaign always by doing an A/B test, because no matter how effective your creative may look like when it start it will diminish after sometime due to monotonous display.  The same ads been shown to the user every time and the user may lose interest. But if you can rotate your creative you still have the chance to capture the user interest due to it freshness.

This test will also give you the advantage to test measurable and actionable results like color, call-to-action and ads copy.


Simplicity is power always make sure your creative is clean, beautiful and simple to win their attention and keep it.

Let me know in your comment below if you know how to use retargeting to get lead that convert and if not , let me know how I can be of help.




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