How To Persuade To Increase Your Conversion Rates

You can’t force customers to buy; it’s their perception that triggers their purchase. What matters to any customers is what is in that product for them. Meaning even if you have the best price, features, and your product even look good than it competing product its still won’t move them to buy.

Marketing is perception; it’s about how it will make the customers feel and what’s in it for them. That’s the determining factor. So for you to win you have to know your customer better, their decision making process and how to trigger their buying emotions.

Influencing the customers and addressing their emotional needs is a dominant factor needed in your marketing for sales to come.



Obligation and Reliability

Most prospect and as humans always maintain their integrity. Our action and result is always generated from commitment to our integrity.

Getting a client committed and at early stage is a possibility that the client will follow through.

A very good example is when you give a client an option of trail for some days or a month before they are billed or a flexible payment plan before they get to payment page. Once they’ve chosen the plan or trail option they feel compelled to take you up on the bigger action.


Giving values is an emotional targeting strategy that make prospect to reciprocate.

There’s a mutual beneficial exchange that’s natural with human behavior and it does happen always. When you give you’re also given back; because the person you give to feel obligated to pay back for the favor.

Leverage this method, by determining what action you would want your prospect to take. This could be in form of signing up for a newsletter to get a free eBook, receiving a gift for a purchase, reviewing or sharing and getting a discount.

Using this method make the prospect to reciprocate and give you their details that you need to effectively market to them in future.

Also, note that this method of given is not only tag to product alone; it can be a pledge of a superior life or an assurance.

So, identify what you can give your prospects in return for their action (given you their details)

Personal Relationship and Likeness

A very good influencing factor in purchase is personal relationship and likeness. If a product is introduce to client by their friend who they trust and like they feel obligated to buy regardless of their feelings towards the products.

Establishing good relationship and trust bring forth likeness and can be built in several ways.

Associating yourself and product with current trend or celebrity that people like and identify with you also increase your likability.

This platform on how to persuade to increase your conversion rates work like magic.


Most people imitate what they see others doing. Most people buying emotions are triggered by reviews they read; they check bestsellers or browse most popular items before buying. Majorly they tag their reason to security (others have use it and get result), and some just want to fit in and be a part of a community.

Marketing and getting people with this attitude by providing a social proof for your product is important. Testimonials on sales pages, E-commerce stores reviews impose trust and let people know that the product can be trusted.

Using the power of social media to share, publish case studies on your website to prove that other people are using your product and finding it successful is a good leverage.


Fear of the unknown is a force that compels people to buy feeling that they might lose that thing forever.

Marketing with a “limited time offer” create a sense of urgency and make people to buy because they want to avoid losses to acquire gains.

Scarcities create the fear of losing the product and bring forth the rush.

Tagging your product as one-of-a kind with a time cap will increase its desirability thereby increasing your conversion.

Using these conversion strategies can x10 your sales and put you in a high profit zone.

Knowing how to persuade to increase your conversion rates are emotional strategies that can be apply in your marketing to increase your sales.

Are you using this strategies?

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