How To Use Color to Influence Conversion

How To Use Color to Influence Conversion

Color communicates with a region of human intelligence which in turn sends signal to the pituitary gland that triggers fluctuation in feeling, and in turn results in behavior.

If I may ask, have you ever wondered if a specially prefer color would affect the buying dress of your website visitors?

Do you think it will?

I believe you will say “yes” because several studies have shown that Color displays massive sway over our behaviors and spirits.

It perfectly affects visitors to your website, and it is even responsible for the steps they take.

According to Neil Patel “90% of all product assessments have to do with color. “Color,” is “85% of the reason you purchased a specific product.” It’s a no-brainer fact of any website that color affects conversions.

That’s why as a website owner it’s vital to know how to use color to influence conversion.

Now, let’s look at how to color your website and force shift, but, firstly, let’s revaluate why color has such power to persuade your website visitors.

How To Use Color to Influence Conversion

Color is a Great Influencer

In an article, Satyendra Singh determined that it takes a mere 90 seconds for a customer to form an opinion about a product.

He further buttresses it that 62-90% of that interaction is determined by the color of the product alone.

In same study (how to use color to influence conversion) he confirms that human constitute acquisitions based on how they are affected by the complexions you use. They go on to say that the appearances must work together with your brand to be effective.

And that alone is no reason to reject the profound and unarguable accomplish that coloring has on people.

So, you can see that color is indeed a strong persuader, and their reasons for are many.

Meaning our website success depends upon how we use color and how to use color to influence conversion.

As several studies existing advice on what color to use for your calls to action, headlines, and other stuffs on your website, there are other studies that read forecasting shopper reaction to the color is essential.

So you can see that Color is a tricky thing. But ability to use it in the right way, at the right time, with the right audience, and for the right purpose is very vital.

Let’s look at this example; swimming bath websites are most often blue-toned.

How To Use Color to Influence Conversion


Likewise, Lamborghini websites does  generally incorporate a lot of black.

Now, just imagine if the major color on these websites was pink, how will it look like?

With this you will agree with me that Color is definitely a strong influencer and it pays to think of the color in an environment.

You likewise want to think of your public when choosing your colors.

And that brings us to how to use color to influence conversion and using it on your website to force conversion.

How To Use Color to Influence Conversion

The Properties of Color

You’ll find that different appearances have different values for people all across the globe.

For instance, some colored features in the United Kingdom don’t move their residence the same way as people in another country would be touched.

It’s important to study your target audience so you aren’t applying an offensive color or one that indicates something other than you’d like it to mean.

We shall be looking at the scopes of color as they are widely known and the moods they can convey around.

This will help you to know how to use color to influence conversion.

Blue Color

Blue is one of the most-used colors, with good reason. Majority of people like blues because they believe it is an epitome of trust, peace, ordering, and loyalty.

Most time we often think up blue color as the perfect color. Because it represents confidence and control, and it’s relaxing and tranquilize.

Many cultures see it as safe and divine while others tie it with strength.

Think of Facebook, one most popular social stage in the world is blue.

How To Use Color to Influence Conversion

The rationalization was simple: it typifies cartel, allegiance, openness and sometimes control.

Due to this quality attached web designers often use blue color in call-to-action buttons and headline text. If it is associated with exactly the accurate fonts, this color has big impact.

Green Color

Green is another powerful color, and it’s also often used in calls-to-action.

Most times it is usually the color of outdoors, eco-friendly, nature, and the environment. It is virtually a chromatic emblem for nature itself.

Also it is an appearance that can improve productivity.

If your website has anything to do with nature, home, organic, or outdoors, dark-green should be your color of choice.

It represents quality and the outdoors, invention, youth and likewise happiness it is considered as the color of good luck.

Because it stand out, it is good for call-to- action when used in combination with the isolation impact.

Here is how Opera use it

How To Use Color to Influence Conversion

And in the negative realm, green symbolizes resentment, and in some countries, it’s the color of death.

Purple Color

Purple is not a good color for marketing on website targeted to male. Though it depend on the product and niche that your website falls into.

But some percentage of female thus likes it. Although it the color of royalty, resource and honor, violet isn’t the best color for conversions.

Pink Color

Universally accepted as the color for girls and women, pink represents sweetness, fun and childhood.

Please also note that while it’s believed to be every woman’s favorite color, but frequently it’s not the case.

Red Color

It been proven many times that the highest-converting colors for calls to action is red. Because of it brightness it have a higher conversion rates.

All over the world website designers views red as the color of activity, fervor and commotion. This always typifies a sale or something with a sense of immediacy.

It is a very powerful player in conversions.

But the on other way round and in some countries, it was able to mean indignation or danger.

Orange Color

When it comes to vitality Orange is the glad friendly color. It represents the color of confidence and physical work and works well with blue color.

Think of Fall and Halloween Orange is the color.

But in another environment and for some cultures, orange is consistent with mourn or loss, and in others it typifies courage.

How To Use Color to Influence Conversion

Courtesy: Woodlands

Yellow Color

A lot of people cherish yellow for its glad connotations and heated color. Most times it is often use for caution signs, traffic signs, and wet floor signs.

And as reported by Business Insider it’s known to be a cheerful color that fuels the brain’s excitement center; the liveliness sensation may be simply a state of amplified feeling and reaction, not exactly sheer joy.

Using Yellow on website for call-to-action do create a little of concern that’s needed to make visitors click the desired call-to-action. But it is advisable to apply Yellow color in lesser measures unless you want to cause unnecessary concern.

Yellow color is also often links with summertime, and many think up it as the color of success as well.

How To Use Color to Influence Conversion

Black Color

Most cultures generally verify black as the color of extinction.

But to others it is seen as a luxurious color. And when it is used properly it can communicate attraction, sophistication and uniqueness.

Even an article in Lifescript  also describes black color as (elegance, sophistication, power)

Depending on your niche I do advise you to use some black in your website designing, though, as it floors your site and supplies definition.

White Color

Looking at the color often use in marriages is white because it shows cleanliness and freshness.

Likewise check out most of all popular website, you will see white color as background color because it create a sense of liberty, lightness, and breathability.

So if you can’t apply white to your call-action-buttons, use it on your site to make it easier for your website visitors to find what you are steering them to.

How to use Color the Effectively

Now we know that the effect of color is meant for the right purpose and for the right audience; using the color the right way on the internet is equally vital.

Now that we’ve looked at the basic psychology behind a handful of complexions, we’re going to look at how to utilization it in the right way.

Though there is some other thing that might compel you to use a particular color. And those things are like your company’s context, specific color style guide, logos etc.

But it is also important to know that your goal is to use color to capture your website visitor’s notice and direct them to the action you want them to take.

For instance, if you use a color for your call-to-action button (which is a good mind), but your website likewise apply same color to directs and do other things on same page, it will be very difficult for them to convert.

Crappy color can be disastrous and likewise having killer color scheme can make your conversion go higher.

Although some colors may proselytize better, they have to stand out enough to accomplish the enterprise. Suppose high comparison to grab visitor’s attention.

Using a main and subordinate color are typically a good chance- get ahead with green, red, orange and yellow – as they tend to persuade the best.

Remember, the caution here is not to use the color elsewhere on your site.

Using Color Principle

It’s important to consider color belief and how you use it to your website.

The first thing to do is to concentrate on comparison. As we know color is universal and as well tricky so there’s need to understand where you should use these color tips.

So, as we have discuss earlier using it the right way, at the right time, with the right audience, and for the right purpose is the key to conversion.

Apart from making your site more understandable, it also drives your website guest to your desired action.

Another thing is to think about corresponding colors. These are the color on opposite sides of the color rotate like green and red or blue and orange.

Lastly, it is good to use color with special purposes. Always use color to stretch the style of your website.

Use color that stipulate vitality, like red, yellow, orange while green, blue and and violet are more relaxing.


There’s nothing as good as been in a position to rewrite your style guide and pick your own website color if you’re opportune.

Remember, your website visitors thus respond to color. Understanding the emotion that surround the color will help you to lead them to what you want them to do.

So if you identify your target audience it will be easier to choose your colors. But if your color sucks, so also will your conversion be.

It is wisdom to take into cognizance the power of color to conversion in advance and use the color consciousness to improve your online sales and conversions.

Use psychology-appropriate colors that match the existing color scheme and adapt to the color scheme.

By now you should know that Color is one of the biggest points affecting your website conversion. Though there is no right color for a conversion, but look out for which color works best for your audience and with your product.

Do your research, and if you’re distrustful, measuring is always the best plan. Do not just leave your color decision to your designer alone. Get involved in the color selection because that’s why the conversion starts.

Likewise, avoid color overload, this can create a lot of chaos.

If you can use the present strategies full of expert tips on the use of color to drive your website changeovers on your individual land pages and watch your leads-in increase.

If are you ready, which I believe you are, to crush it with more profit out of your website by applying color for conversion.

That’s great! Using this tips here will help you optimize your website, it has work for many and I believe if deploy it will help to convert a lot of your website visitors.

Will you use these tips? Have you used it before and how has it affected your conversion.

Please let me know in your comment below if you know How To Use Color to Influence Conversion and also help to share with your friend if you find it valuable.


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