How to use long tail keyword to attract quality traffic

How to use long tail keyword to attract quality traffic

How to use long tail keyword to attract quality traffic

Quality traffic comes when users have a great experience from their search, meaning solutions or answer to their keyword search.

This means at the point of intent they were satisfied.

As human we all want more and we are always ready to part or pay for that thing that can deliver more satisfaction to us.

If a user is happy with the piece of solution derives from your site whenever you pitch a product to him or her for a greater satisfaction the user will be willing to have it.

That kind of prospect is warm and of high quality which I believe most marketers quest for.

But, does it mean that these set of prospects can’t be find again? No

Does it mean they can only appear on selected site? No

Does it mean they can only be seen on the specific site? No

So, why are they not coming and where are they even? They are everywhere both online and offline

But how do you compel them to come to your site? You can’t compel them you can only attract them.

What do they really want? Solutions

How do you give it them to come? Mostly through solution base quality content with long tail keyword that speak directly to them in their search terms.

This and more are questions that arise in the mind of a lot of marketers when the chips are down.

Quality traffic is the heritage of every marketer but the ability to be able to attract it is the biggest challenge.


Every user searching for solutions on the online has reason and needs to be met with.

Having the bait to get them lie on the power of your content. Does it attract them or repel them?

Please don’t get me wrong, am not saying that there’s no freebie on the online.

Freebie users are everywhere both online and offline and all they do is get free stuff and they will never buy.

So, this is not the kind of traffic we are talking about on this post.

But how do you get the quality users that will buy from you?

Ability to creatively know how to use long tail keyword to attract quality traffic is important.

Mostly this will helps you to maximize your organic search rank and produce quality traffic due to the search intent and great user experience that your solution based content delivered to the user.

Long tail keyword has the potentials to attract quality traffic to your site and it is a great resources if explore.

We all know that one of the algorithms of Google in ranking has to do with keyword and of which long tail keyword have a better chance than the head keyword.

For better clarification, long tail keyword are keyword that are 3 or more while head keyword are between 1-2 and  of course head keyword are highly competitive.

Using a long tail keyword most case will bring low search volume of traffic but they can turn to be quality traffic.

Now, let’s start to look into some of the methods on:

How to use long tail keyword to attract quality traffic

How to use long tail keyword to attract quality traffic

Nail your Content to Specific issues

Nail your content to a specific solution, narrow it down to a specific issue of concern.

Most user intent can only be attracted to your content via specific keywords and as you know search engine use keyword as a critical factor for ranking.

So, it is important to boost your content’s search performance creatively.

Embedding a long tail keyword creatively that speaks or ask question that are specific to an issue and providing a detailed solution or answer with clarity in a simplified way is what create the engagement.

Because, user intent can only be determine by the keyword that they are searching with, providing quality content specifically to that intent brings forth the engagement.

Which means your content must be able to attract the user, explore the user pain and illustrate the benefit of applying your propose solution via your content. Overcome objections that will build trust and rapport with the user and also build your reputation with your search engine.

Research Keywords

Another good strategy is to research keywords, this method work very well mostly when you want to attract new users.

Find out what keyword they are searching with and create a solution based epic content on those keywords.

These research keywords have the ability to bring users from any search platform to your post because when users find their search terms in your post they feel happy. It does not matter where they come from.

Let your user be your priority it does not matter where they are, research keywords that will epitomize them and talk to their current situation directly. And write content that will be valuable when users find them.

If they can find it valuable search engine will find it valuable too and reward you with ranking and traffic.

Create an Enticing Headline

How rich is your headline? How powerful, attractive and compelling are your headlines?

Your headlines must have the ability to draw people to your content and if they find it exciting they will become your follower.

But if it tricks them to reading something boring you will never see them again.

So consider what headlines will grab their attention and make sure it describes your content in an honest and attractive way.

Let your headlines dare your user to read your content but in a persuasive way and do not over promise. And make sure you deliver the promise in your content.

Example: let’s take this headline “Sell your car in a day” & “How you can effortlessly sell your car in less than a day”

Which of the example above do you think will draw users to read most?

“How you can effortlessly sell your car in less than a day” will draw more people to read.

Why? Because it has a trigger word, an adjective, keyword and promise.

Using catchy headlines help you to get user intent easily.


The value of revelation is unquestioned but it application is what give profit and value to it.

How to use long tail keyword to attract quality traffic is vital in any content marketing.

What we do and we know is what gives result. And that action is what provokes the manifestation of testimony.

Are you using long tail keyword in your content? Remember it is in engaging your portion that delivers result.

Let me know in your comment below if this is helpful and please share with your friends.


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