Hushpuppis ‘Man In The Middle’ Fraud Explained

Hushpuppis ‘Man In The Middle’ Fraud Explained
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💰💰💰The folk was enjoying a lavish life and showing it off on Instagram until… 👮HE GOT CAUGHT!💣 Hushpuppi mastered an Internet scam and was able to make millions and millions of dollars. In this video I tell you how. And also I'm gonna reveal you some marketing techniques (that are completely LEGAL) you can use to MAKE MORE MONEY!

0:00 – Hushpuppi Finally Gets Caught
1:33 – The Man-In-The-Middle Fraud
3:48 – Technique #1
8:27 – Technique #2
10:46 – I’ve Been A Victim Too
13:28 – Hushpuppi Took Spoofing Further
14:52 – The Nigerian Prince Scam
16:30 – Start A Legitimate Business With My Program

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