Marketing Automation Will Grow Your Business!

Marketing Automation is the Key to Success Online!

It’s true. There are a number of keys to achieving success in an online business. Content marketing is one. Commitment to quality and giving great customer service is another. But there is no doubt that one of the most important and effective keys to building a successful online business is using marketing automation.

The reason is simple. Online you don’t have a brick and mortar storefront that people pass by and come into to shop every day. If you have a blog that is your storefront and the great content you post is what draws them in to look around. Unless you are using the best practices of marketing automation, however, once they leave they may never return. After all, your blog isn’t on Main Street in their town. They found you once. Will they find you again? Maybe. Unless…

While your visitor is on your blog reading and looking at your great content, you offer them something of real value for signing up to your email list. Then you have a chance to contact them again, and again. Sending them content, free gifts that help them and making them offers to buy your products.

All of this is done automatically and this is what using marketing automation looks like. In this way you capture your visitors email addresses and your business has a real chance to grow day in and day out! Here is more about three of the aspects of marketing automation that makes it work so well for you.

Marketing Automation Will Grow Your Business!

Capture emails through sign up forms

Before setting up automation, we suggest setting up an email sign up form on your business’s website. These simple forms help you collect names and email addresses from interested customers or clients. The steady stream of new contacts that comes in through this form will give you an authentic list of email addresses to draw from to send emails to. Your efforts to build your email list should be ongoing, and a sign up form is a hassle-free way to keep names coming in with little effort on your part.

Automate welcome emails

With a sign up form in place, one of the first marketing items you’ll want to automate is your welcome email. Since every new contact receives a welcome email, it makes sense to automate it. You want to make sure that new contacts receive a welcome email shortly after they sign up for your email list, while their interest is still peaked. The welcome email should outline the perks of receiving messages from your company and include links that direct customers back to your website.

Treat your loyal customers

Segment your list by pulling out the names of your most loyal customers and develop an automated email campaign that focuses on rewarding them. Consider writing an email that ‘Gives Thanks’ to your repeat customers for their loyalty and offers something in return. Maybe it’s a 10% off coupon, a voucher for a free service, the chance to be the first to try a new product, discounted shipping or some other kind of gift. You can set this email up to go out every other month for six months to encourage your loyal customers to keep buying. – via Vertical Response Blog

Getting Things Automated

All of this wonderful marketing automation doesn’t just happen like magic. The work is in the set up. But once it is set up it can run without much extra work on your part for literally years if your product remains relevant.

Here are some things to think about as you begin to plan the set up of your automated systems.

Know exactly what you want

What is the one thing you want more than anything else for your campaign? Focus! There will be related campaigns for sure, but what’s the big one? You have to be very clear about what you want from any business, sales or marketing initiative. And you have to lay out a picture or plan for every campaign so everyone on your team can contribute. If you’re really on the ball, you’ll also have a project management system everyone will use. The key is to paint a great picture of the campaign you want, build it, launch it and learn.

Use landing pages

If you’re sending traffic to your website instead of highly targeted and relevant landing pages presenting crystal-clear offers, you’re probably losing money. Websites generally offer too much for free or not enough of what someone wants fast enough. Visitors land on a page, speed read for up to 14 seconds or fewer and leave. Or they click through to another page, yet seldom act with the single purpose we want them to take on your landing page, clicking on your offer. This is the power of using better landing pages: highly relevant sales, offers and pitch pages presenting your amazing offers. Start using better landing pages for all your campaigns.- via The Business Journals

Have you ever set up an automated email system before?

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