Online Lead Generation Through Content

There’s no valuable treasure that can be found on the surface except you dig deep.

If you play your path well qualified prospect will flood your website and become your brand ambassador. No matter how dull the niche you belong, it is important for you to do the right and needful that will in turn generates quality leads for you.

Today, we are going to focus on generating qualify leads through your content.

Landing Page

The power of your landing page plays vital role. To use your landing page as a vehicle that takes the prospect to your website is by tying your customer’s problem and solution to the landing page.

Having a high converting landing page that tells your prospect their problem and also echo the solutions / benefit to them make conversion to be easy.

Think about what your customer needs or problem are; create a landing page with the need or problem and state the benefits or solutions that your offer will provide with a call to action that will take them to your content (website or blog).

After creating the high converting landing page, drive quality traffic to it which will then redirect them to your website where you have the valuable solution awaiting them.

Make sure, that your site has the valuable answer / solution that will be delivered when they get there.

Likewise your landing page messages must blend with the page where the solution is on your content when the prospect land on it.


Hosting a well plan webnar is another great resource for online lead generation through content.

If you can get people to register and host a webnar that deliver values, you will get a lot of leads.

Creating and inviting people to register must be strategic from your post or wherever you’re advertising it from.

Main reason for hosting a webnar is engagement, if you can get people to engage you will crack the code.

Starting your engagement from your post and pre-framing your prospect for a positive expectancy gives you a high conversion.

So, hosting a webnar position you as an expert and because most people want to learn from an expert it make it easy for you to have the right people through a virtual platform that create trust, gives you qualify leads and sales.

No matter how lengthy your webnar is majority of your audience will stick to the end if your content is valuable and delivering what will affect their business or life. And that will in turn generate a lot of leads to your offer due to the emotional connection that your valuable content is delivering.

One great resource to promote your webnar is blogging where you have established a level of trust.

Whenever you’re delivering useful and great content to your prospect through your blog it’s a good idea to sometimes link your webnar to it; which shows that you really care about them and ready to deliver more values to your readers.

Online Lead Generation Through Content (During webnar)

Do the necessary by delivering value and get them engaged by using a storytelling methodology.

Once you have your attendee’s engagement and trust you can then introduce your product to them.

This must be done in a smart way and it should be a product that they will resonate with and will solve their problem, after which you create time for questions which can be like 25Mins.

Allowing them to ask you questions about their taught and concern shows that you care about them. It’s a powerful way of building trust that creates a stronger bond.

Once that bond is established you can now pitch your offer to them. Remember your offer must be something that will further help them.

Make sure that you brand your presentation materials with your logo, likewise your product too. It’s a way of strategically putting your brand in the mind of your attendees.

Then get to know their level of satisfaction by asking questions regarding your product or services, if it meets up with their need and what they wish can be included for a better satisfaction.

You can also do questionnaire to know their level of satisfaction and future need. Remember it is a win win thing because it will make you to know if your product is accepted and what need to be tweak for perfect match that will boost your sales.

Go further, offer them your samples or demo, it’s a powerful way for instant conversion to sales.

Guess what will happen through this action?

Making sales or acquiring better leads base on trust that was just established.

Thereafter, give them an irresistible offer that will be timely and see what your conversion will be. Definitely, the result will be high if they resonate with your product.

Let the irresistible offer be the type that will be big enough for them to manage but not easy enough for them to just walk over to get. Make them to see the gap between their problem and your solution.

Leveraging the Power of email account for online lead generation through content.

Getting lead through this medium is easy and strategic. Most people are piss off when you take them through a complex step or form for them to give you their details for sign up.

Getting them to sign up with their existing popular email account like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or social email account like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twiter, Google+ etc. make it easy for them to comply.

This strategy make prospect to convert easily and deliver quality leads due to its simplicity and the convenience social world has brought across the internet. You can pull their details easily through the those trusted site where they have their detailed information stored, places like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twiter etc.

Acquiring leads through this method is a good conversion strategy for quality lead.

For example you can join Pintrest, Vimeo and other popular site with your Facebook username ID thereafter your personal details is pulled from Facebook.

Online lead generation

Use the Power of Words

How powerful are your words in your content? Using actionable word that will trigger curiosity and persuade people to take action is important.

Specific and descriptive words add flavor to your content which bring forth strong conviction, clarity that make your prospect to resonate with you.

The power of your words will not only help you to get lead but also help you in your SEO ranking.

It’s important to know that most converting decision is made at the point of headlines. Well crafted topics, subject, headlines are powerful tool to leverage in online lead generation.

For example:

  • Solo Advertising that works!
  • Create a business blog for your business
  • Get notice faster!

The way you write your headlines, what you write on your landing page, blog etc. matters a lot to your conversion rate.

Write words that will persuade your prospect to go further and take action. Write words that are specific and descriptive in nature. And don’t let it be too long that will make people to ignore it.

Online lead generation


Online lead generation through content is a tactic that work very well compared to outdated strategy that will not deliver.

Don’t get carried away by any fancy tool.

Growing and getting quality lead by 100% in a week might not be possible because driving quality leads to your business takes time and effort. But if you’re consistent and deliver value your will surpass your expected target.

Using the above methods for online lead generation has been proven to work; they are not magical push buttons.

Real satisfaction comes when you have a proven strategy that works and it requires hard work, consistency and patient.

I look forward to your thought in the comment below and please share this with your friends.


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