Proven Ways to Generate Leads and Sales when You Give

Proven Ways to Generate Leads and Sales when You Give

Proven Ways to Generate Leads and Sales when You Give

“Give and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full–pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.”  Luke 6:38

That’s what the Bible says.

The benefits of giving is great … it makes those who love you to talk about you, and those who can’t stand you to talk about you even more.

Why? Because giving is love.

If people love you they will resonate with you. If they resonate with you they will follow you.

And when they follow you then you become an authority. Odd though it may seem but that’s just the truth.

Providing values, solutions to people is a great way to efficiently and strategically hit a number of audience-growth.

Its robust strategies stay strong despite what other marketers or titans may do.

And if you do it strategically and efficiently, giving attracts traffic whereby you can generate leads, sales (and other benefits) back to your site and builds your audience.

But in giving you need to hold to two things at the same time — how the gift will benefit the person or audience, and how it’s going to benefit you or your business.

So, before you give, make sure you include at least one relevant link to your gift or content, as well as an audience-friendly call to action for whatsoever you want them to further do.

Proven Ways to Generate Leads and Sales when You Give


What do you give?

Give Values and Solutions.

Give away high-quality content without asking for anything in return and you’ll find a much warmer reception when it does come time to promote your product.

Providing values and solutions effectively for free is a good strategy that has help small and big marketers to generate enormous amounts of new leads and sales, and it is the actual examples of how it had worked for other businesses.

For example organization like Getresponse an autoresponder company and Clickmagick  a tracking software organization still practices this strategy and it has pay them a lot more.

They give before they take and equally deliver quality service far beyond to their subscribers that are in their paid platform.

Am one of their subscribers and they’ve deliver more to me.

Remember it is one quality that defines you— so work it to the bone.

But how do you give?

Below I will be sharing some strategies to follow and show you how this plan might work well for your business too.

If you apply it, I know you will be very pleased with the results.

Delivering values and benefits that help your potential audience make them to associate with your name for high-quality information.

Audience listen to a larger-than-life person, the more self-assured and effective your giving are the more likely people will accept what you say.

So, in your giving avoid is the trap of given away generic things.

Things your audience can cheaply be gotten from regular source like Google, YouTube etc. if search for.

And the more genuine you are about it, the more audience sees your work and the more authority you will also generate.

But remember it’s a cumulative process; the one that can happen quickly if you have the ability is to put a lot of work in it over a short period.

So the quality of what you’re giving determines the quality of traffic that will be attracted to you.

This matters a lot when it comes to leads generation and sales.

And that’s what makes the difference between an audience and traffic.

Traffic can be bought through any means of advertising but you can’t buy audiences that will resonate with you if you don’t have anything of value that will attract them to you.

Audience turns to quality leads that result to sales. They are people that are interested in you and are also intrigued by what you have to say.

So they are the people you develop a longer-term relationship with so as to increase their LTV (Long Time Value) with you.

Proven Ways to Generate Leads and Sales when You Give


What to Do:

Explore the Power of Contest.

Using the power of contest can deliver quality leads that can result to sales easily. But you must give a quality gift to the winners.

Note, I mention winners not a winner.

But, why winner’s?  Don’t worry you will get to understand it as we get dipper into it.

Having winners’ is one great strategy that works best in contest like this and for the strategy to work effectively for your desire result (leads generation and sales) the gift must be appealing to your target audience. Depending on the niche you want to apply it to.

Making everyone to feel like a winner allows you to cast a wider net so as to capture more leads and sales.

Remember the strategy is to capture as many leads as we can that will convert into sales both immediate and after.

So we have to effectively use this strategy.

How do you apply it?

Allow everyone in your target to qualify for the contest with ability to win base on their level of engagement.

To run the contest let’s use a software organization as an example.

Let’s assume the software organization sells product “A” for a onetime fee of $297 without a premium membership fee (that is been charge for if a client want it) which is an advance value and benefit of the primary product.

Meaning the premium membership on its own is a standalone product which can be a mastermind course or training etc. with a high perceives value.

And also they sell same primary product “A” for $27 as monthly payment to those that can’t afford the onetime payment which will be paid for 12 months.

Now, let’s run the contest using product “A”.

In the contest Product “A” can be sold for $97 including premium membership as an additional bonus to everyone that buy and will refer 3 friends  with at least 1 of the friends (refereed) buying same product.

And if their friends didn’t buy they can still have access to the product for $97 but without the added bonus.

Mind you, their friends has become your leads that you can market to latter and also you can also market your  premium membership as an up-sell to that same person latter.

Likewise the more friends they refer the more additional bonuses they win which could be another of your products or ticket to seminar / lecture for any of your upcoming event or product launch.

Remember your target is to capture many qualify leads and sales as possible as you can, so open the same chances of winning to the referred friends that buy. Before you know it, it has become a snowball.

To make this to be huge you apply a limited time for the contest which might be 3 or 4 days depending on your target and what you aim for.

So, at the end you will have leads of:

  1. People who didn’t own your software but know about it. Meaning, they didn’t buy but might buy latter as the need arises.
  2. People who owned the primary (non-Platinum) version of your software because their referrals didn’t buy
  3. People who owned and won your Platinum software because their referrals bought and some might even win other bonuses due to their level of engagement by bringing more friends.

To get more after your first contest, you can decide to open same contest strategy 6 months after and tag it to be a popular demand by those that couldn’t win at the last contest depending on your niche and ability to deliver as promise.

But before the contest will start contact your entire list, do webinars to let them know when you will launch and encourage them to start contacting their friends. All things been equal before the launch they will turn to be your evangelist.

Explore the Power of Loyalty

This is a strategy that is not mostly use. It is a method that works and turns your customers to be your loyal followers.

And it work best with existing customers, it is a rewards program offered to customers who frequently make purchases or refer friends.

To do this you can give discount, a freebie, or special customer treatment to your frequent buyers and those that refer friends or customers to you.

For example you can allot “Twenty points equals one dollar” depending on your services or products.

So the customers work toward a certain amount of points to redeem their reward.

A very good strategy to get the customers engage is to present small rewards as a base offering for being a part of the platform, and then inspire repeat customers by increasing the value of the rewards as the customer moves up the loyalty ladder.

This help to create a comprehensive benefits table for customers easily and make them understand the extra benefits they’ll receive as they get more engage. It is a powerful hook to get them.

Remember, to use Proven Ways to Generate Leads and Sales when You Give is by applying the tool that fits your prospect needs.

So in applying a cost-effective solution, provision of superb service and addressing your prospect concerns is the key.

And that is the secret recipe that can keep your prospects and customers coming back.

Proven Ways to Generate Leads and Sales when You Give

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Proven Ways to Generate Leads and Sales when You Give entails customer retention and satisfaction that build a loyal clientele.

You can acquire new leads and sales from your existing one if you focus on them and improve your customer satisfaction levels.

This can increase profitability and extend the time they place their business with you. Application of the methods shared above has delivered results and increase leads and sales to businesses.

Let me know in your comment below if you have been applying this to your business.

Please do me a favor by sharing this article with your friends if you find it helpful.


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