How to Dominate Keywords and Rank on Google First Page

Rank on Google First Page

Every blogger, content marketers always wish to have their content rank on Google first page.

It’s a good goal and of course very difficult to reach if you don’t have what it takes.

Google as we all know changes frequently in ranking policy which sometimes put you in a decisive mood on what next to do.

We’ve all travel on the same road mostly when we just started, I believe you do?

And Google’s endless policy has sometimes left us thinking on what next to do before we figure it out.

So, knowing what to do is the gateway that will give you the unfair advantage to get your content rank on Google first page.

Not only of first page but first 3 that usually get about 70% of the traffic as I rank here.

Rank on Google First Page

Can you do it?

Yes of course if you give it what it takes.

Will you do it?

I think you should if you want to get your content ranked.

Mostly on the first page and first 3 that gets the highest traffic via organic search.

What then should you do to Rank on Google First Page?

Dominate the keyword you want to rank for with quality content and do all other necessary things.

How can you do it?

Let’s dive into it now!

But remember, am not trying to claim to be a guru, but knowing what it takes, applying it will get you your so desire result.

Because there is a recipe that can be used to dominate keywords and Rank on Google First Page

This means if you can target your keyword, modify to reach user intent then you’re set to dominate.

So, let’s go and …..

Rank on Google First Page

Use Attractive Tittle Keywords

Attractive tittles are good conversion agent. They are what sell your content, make it get it read and ranked.

As we all know most users are scanners in any search stage.

Until they see an attractive headline that matches their intent before they will open it to read.

And that’s where you get them nailed if your content is relevant and is of value to them.

So, always make sure that your tittle keyword is very specific and be of guide to the user.

Start with good and deep user research so as to know what they want and how they want it.

For example: The following titles below can be derived from “Eating good food”.

  1. “How the Right Food Can Make You Healthy”
  2. “Family Food Recipes that Secure Healthy Living”
  3. “How Eating Good Food Guarantees Well-Being”

Always allow your title to set a clear expectation that will reflect in the content that follows.

You can even add brackets for clarification if need be. And make sure your readers expectations are met with.

Don’t hype what you cannot deliver.

Here are samples of words you can use to start your Keywords:

  • How
  • Reasons
  • Statistics
  • Ways
  • Facts
  • Strategies
  • Tips
  • Methods
  • Tricks
  • Ideas
  • Secrets
  • Techniques

Always use what will resonate with users, make it sexy and valuable. Use alliteration, strong phrases and make clear values.

Try to make it short, optimize it for search and social. And always place the keyword close to the beginning of the title.

Use Expressive Phrases

Expressive phrases are known as long-tail keywords.

They are keywords that are user intent. Meaning, what user will likely ask or used to search whenever they’re searching.

Why long-tail keywords?

We all know that due to competition topmost spot is mostly dominated by big organizations that are buoyant in terms of authority, finance and product name.

So, competing with them will only be a waste of your time and resources.

But using a long-tail keyword gives you advantage to rub shoulders with them and even outrank them in some cases.

It is a very good strategy and usually called the little dangling fruit of SEO.

Sometimes it’s better to use minimum of 4 words, because it gives you a better chance to rank mostly on first page of Google.

How to Get it Done:

Before we start, please note that long-tail keywords do not have much of search volume compare to other phrases.

But they have a purpose or a point, more descriptive and user intent.

And the probability of the user conversion is high if you have good content that deliver value and solutions.

Rank on Google First Page


  1. So, what you do is run a long-tail keyword using keyword planner.
  2. Target and phrase a descriptive keyword that has user intent that will convert very well.
  3. Chose phrase that have minimal competition and have enough search data to validate that it is a good target.
  4. Then select a Low and Medium keyword phase with sensible amount of search and not saturated with competition.

Rank on Google First Page

NB: Google keyword planner is free and gives you the ability to know the competition for your chosen phrase.

Rank on Google First Page Sample of Long tail Keyword you can used to Rank on Google First Page

Know your Audience Intent:

It is important for you to know your audience intent whenever you’re creating your content.

Knowing what they want and delivering it to them is vital even more important than the keyword.

NB: This is a comprehensive topic which I will share in another post (subscribe to my list now not to miss it)

Now, let’s use these two keywords as example assuming 2 users type them on Google search:

  • 1 keyword:         Buy white long truck
  • 2 keyword:         White long truck review

Looking at these keywords, you will notice that they are similar but the first keywords user tends to be ready to buy than the second user.

Did you observe it?

To create content for these keywords here’s what you should do be based on their intent.

If you’re using the 1 keyword it is important to have in your content a CTA (Call to Action) that will take them to purchase point.

For the 2 keyword, create a content that will warm them up and make them decide if it’s a product that they want to buy.

Because the second keyword interprets that the user is not ready to buy but rather searching for information concerning that product.

And that information might aid their buying decision.

So, to transition them to buying stage point them to a resource in your content, take their data so as to follow up and market to them later.

Rank on Google First Page

And that’s why you’re gunning to Rank on Google First Page, isn’t it?

In as much as you’re delivering through user intent by providing value you’re helping Google to achieve their goal.

Doing this your content stands a better chance to be favored with ranking by Google.

Use User Intent to Quickly Rank

Always create content that will outperform other content both in keywords, values and format.

These strategies can help you rank higher, dominate and outrank competitors.

First, align with the user intent by paying attention on the user “Why”.

Meaning reason behind their search and how the phrase will be inputted in the search query.

For Example:

Assuming you want to rank for a keyword: “Painting a new house”

And already there are other keywords that are related to it like these:

  • “The worst paints that painter usually buy”
  • “Websites to buy topcoat paints”
  • “Top paints manufacturers in New York”

Mind you, most users searching for the phrase “Painting a new house” will be house owners, newly built house owners not yet painted.

Also, they can be owners that want to change the color of their current property.

Their intention is not to know the worst paints or looking for Topcoat paints, neither paint manufacturers in New York.

To get them read your content through their imputed intent and dominate that keyword.

Posting valuable content with these keywords below will be a good catch.

  • “Chosen the Best Paint for a New House and it Effects”
  • “The Best Weather Paint Color Chart for a New House”
  • “Best Painting Pattern for a New House and it Reasons”

Writing with this strategy positions your content to be more user intent focus and can open the gate to first page of Google.

Frequently Write Detailed Content.

Now that you’ve understand what your audience want the next things is dominating the search result.

So, it’s important to know that you have to frequently write quality content to get rank on Google.

And as advice by GOTCH SEO in one of his post he said “Consistency isn’t some God-given talent. It’s about organization and planning”

Writing frequently is an advantage that give your readers confidence that you’re consistent and that is huge.

Not only that, also develop the habit of writing with long words of at least 2,000 words.

That does not mean that you have to stuff it with your keyword. Write relevant, valuable and detailed content.

And always integrate your content with pictures, video and internal links.

Give it your best to satisfy the user and in return it will create an authority for you.

You can also put in data-driven charts and graphs, external links to credible and relevant post and make it scan-able.

Create content that will Earn Backlinks

Backlinks are very important for ranking because they are part of the algorithm that Google uses to rank.

Backlinks are earned and can also be created.

For instance, if you guest post you will definitely put your link in there. Or won’t you?

If you do, then you’ve just created backlinks which you control.

Earned backlinks are post that are link to by another blogger due to value and relevance of the content.

Make sure you always create quality content that will earn you backlinks.

Also, your relationship with Top bloggers in your niche is important and will do much to earn you backlinks.

If you constantly create valuable contents that are unique it will always deliver to you your desire backlinks.

Some of the powerful sites to earn backlinks from are authority sites in your niche and educational and government site.

So, the better the contents you have the more backlinks it will attract to your site, mostly in when it’s been shared on social sites.

But remember it is not only to create content let your core target be relevance and value delivery.

This is a very important stage that will get you the result that your quest for.

It is the thing that will make your content to be liked, get shared and give your content the exposure it need to make it rank higher.

Create Content to Satisfy the User

One thing I find most bloggers make as mistake is creating to chase ranking not considering the user.

There’s every possibility to use white hat SEO to rank without having content that deliver values.

Some content even sucks, all what they do is to have the content rank and drive the user to a sales page.

They are just after sales, not concern about the user experience.

And one thing about content marketing is it’s not everybody that sees your content for the first time that will buy.

User’s experience is very vital and important not only to Google but also to you as a content creator.

Marketing and Sales is all about relationship that has established values. I will be sharing more and in-depth of this in another article (join my list now not to miss out)

Meaning if your content rank and does not provide value most users will only get to your site and leave immediately.

And that make your bounce rate to go high which is not good for ranking and you.

Use engaging and interrogative words keep readers stick to your content. Use the 5Ws strategy:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why

If your content serves the user by providing value or solution Google will like you and will reward you with ranking.

So, always create content of relevance and value that will make the user to quest for more from you.

Rank on Google First Page

Market Your Article

Great contents need to be seen by relevant people. If you don’t put it in front of them they won’t see it.

So, what do you do?

You market it!


There is different platform, strategies to market your articles but we shall be looking at the effective methods and channels.

Influencers Channels and Methods

So many ways, but first let’s start with influencer’s in your niche. Reach out to them before you publish your articles.

Ask for their quotes for your article, anyone that respond put their quote put in your article and link the quote to their site.

After publishing get back to them and appeal to them to share it in on social media and email newsletter.

Before you know it, your content will gain exposure to new audience, link to and shared.

Not only that, it will also become reputable because you’re know whit a reputable influencer in your niche.

Also, any influencer you write their name in your article add their link to it.

Thereafter send a “thank you” email to them for mentioning their name in your article and ask if they could link back to your site.

So that people could easily find you while reading their article.

Most of them will appreciate your gratitude by linking back to your article and it will earn you quality backlinks.

SlideShare Platform Method

Use SlideShare Platform. SlideShare is a very good platform to market your content and good resource for traffic.

SlideShare received millions of visitors every month, turning your content into slide deck on SlideShare is great for exposure.

Because, SlideShare have a high ranking and repurposing your original content in that format gives you the ability to targets another audience which may not have seen your content.

Social Media and Question & Answer Sites

Share your content on your entire social media platform. Interact with people in your group and respond to their comment.

Follow conversations on Question & Answer sites, contribute and help people with their problem and link them to your site.

News Feeds Channels

Also, submit your article to news feeds on top websites. If they find your article to be valuable they will share it with their community.

This will result in likes, shares and backlinks which is a huge traffic for your site.

Some of the news feeds websites are:

Video Channels and Method

Likewise, explore the power of video if you have what it takes by tuning your article to video and publish.

You can publish them on YouTube, Vimeo and other video communities that are looking great videos to gain exposure.

Also, don’t forget to mail your list if you have, tell them about your article and ask them to share it on social platform.

You can use this video sample below on YouTube keywords research to know how to craft yours.

Use PDF Platform

This platform is very effective when you want to capture email address of your visitors.

Sometimes is good to freelance it to specialist that will help put it on a nice template for better attraction.

What you do is give your content to the freelancer and they will convert it to PDF using nice template.

Remember, you won’t only give this piece on your post alone but also share in on PDF sites and communities.

Some of those communities are:

This platform can give you backlinks and a lot of traffic if your content is very good.

Leverage Paid Platform

Paid platform sometimes is faster to get your article in front of people.

StumbleUpon is one of the great sites that are perfect for content promotion.

For every click on your content you get charge for it. But remember your content must be clear and valuable.

Outbrain is another good site that can get you a lot of traffic.

These services promote content on other pieces of contents with cheap clicks compare to others and you can get your ideal audience.

So, you can easily attract people that are already engage in similar articles like yours to promote your content to.

Other similar site related to Outbrain services are:


To dominate Keywords and Rank on Google First Page is strategic. Ability to use and comply with the set rules is what it takes.

Likewise, always have it in mind that you cannot play gimmicks with Google.

If your content resonate with your user on a personal level through a common thought or belief then you have win.

Using the tips we discuss above will guarantee your ranking reward by Google. Possibly put your content on first page.

Always, Offer something that your competitors don’t offer.

Let your contents always bring the user back for more by capturing their interest.

Create content that they can relate to with ideas that make sense and develop a unique value proposition in it.

If your content is inspirational and can connect with user emotionally they will share it. And that’s powerful.


It can go viral.

And that’s the fighting chance that your content need to get likes, shares and backlinks.

Do you like these strategies?

Please share it in your social links if you don’t want this value to go into a vacuum.

 NB: Are you using this strategies and what was your result?


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