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A lot of people are in online business with self inflicted disabilities. And that make it the reason for them not getting results.

Planning and engaging is vital to any anticipated success. That’s why it always good to follow someone that get results, a mentor or teacher. If you are in a job or business that dictates your life, and you’ve not get the ability to break and engage the life you want, you’ve got to make resolutions.

Make resolutions that must change the pyramid of your life, business, carrier etc. Everything you need is in your head. For you to be more successful in your online business the key is to learn and change.

Everybody goes through challenges, challenges are necessary for growth although it differs.

In fact, it’s not scriptural for one not to be challenge but it is un-scriptural for one to be defeated. Because, it is what you nurse that have the right to stay and grow.

So, what makes you a winner is ability to be smarter than the challenges.

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Whenever you’re challenge in your online business

Always Smile More Above All Lost.

Every single challenge that you walk yourself to, be it financial or business always smile. The more you smile, the more you open that mouth the needed ideas will begin to flow. That smile will make your brain to begin to speak. It will get you more engage and more positioned. Make smiling to be your ritual, a habit to always engage with anytime you run into a brick wall.

Note this, you can’t be smiling and be angry or stress out at the same time. When you keep smiling it will be opening the pyramid to engage in your dolphin to say YES success is mine. So when you smile ideas come.

Success is a few fundamental disciplines practice every single day. If you’re going through any financial plague or stress, engage your smile and laugh through it, it will change your paradigm and your position.

If you want to overcome, live life on your own terms not on any other person’s terms, no matter how difficult it is stop, drop and roll. When you are the midst of turbulence look for a way through, find a way to get out of the emotions and find a way to get the things you need to confront it.

Write a list of your to do’s. Your to Do’s are your checklist action. The things you can say and can control. So, understanding the modalities is what matters.

Most people fail because they are overwhelmed. They overwhelming themselves with information that is not conducive to success.

Do the things that you need and are directly producing the result that you want. Streamline, simplify and intensify it.

Your mind is the answer to everything you do, why you do it and why you engage it. Start talking to yourself in a way that is conducive to success. Because what you say is the mirror of what you’re going to get back in the market place.

How you perceive your journey and how you perceive yourself, the energy you put in is going to get back on your result. Always cultivate the language of success.

Don’t Commit The Things That You Can’t Do.

Find out what you can do and exploit them. Identify your top 5 strength that you posses and engage in things that are complimentary to it. Always partner with people in things you are not good at.

Stop trying to be all things to all men. Stop trying to fake it until you make it. People built people, solution beget solutions. No man is an island. Be surrounded by those that you need. We all have strength, so identify your strength and focus on it.


Freedom come when you grow a business without you. So, you have to invest in yourself, build people and build systems. Never ever stop stretching yourself. Have an entrepreneur’s mentality. You can’t beat the numbers and the numbers can’t beat you. It’s all about numbers and numbers don’t lie. Do things that will make you more valuable than your competitor.

You generate success by putting your best, your mind and soul into any small things you do.

And always celebrate your small successes and be grateful to all of your subscribers by given them values.


Write down a list what you’re going to do every day. Be focus and be productive not been busy. Manage your time very well and identify your income producing activities.

Do you wish to create Freedom for yourself? Do you want to break loose from those that are intentionally keeping you dependent on them?

Take a look at your situation now. If you are depending on building an online business and depending on somebody for getting traffic, for getting a sale, if you’re depending on somebody to give you an opportunity to make money is like you’ve been addicted to an illegal drug.

Now, my question to you is if the person you depend on for traffic goes down tomorrow what will happen to your business? If you say your business is going to suffer then you’re in a wrong boat.

Though it’s okay to temporary be in that boat, but if you’re in that boat and you literally built your life around it, then it’s a big mistake. Because, you can’t control somebody else’s action, you can’t control somebody else’s business. But you can control your attitude and your actions.

The big idea is to focus on your Freedom. Have platform conducive to success that embraces true freedom in your business and your life. Its okay to start somewhere until you breakthrough, but as soon as you breakthrough you need to step out and claim your territory and plant your flag and say I know how to do this.

You don’t have to depend on someone; you should have your own well of water to drink from.

My best advice is if you’re in a point in your life that you desire to really have a true shot in succeeding and ready for it when an opportunity is presented, go for it at 100% with no plan B.

I believe you can priority change your life very soon. If you’re down my advice is to watch you emails and be connected to what we’re doing here.

Am not here to pitch you stuff or anything but to create a community of people that will be transformers, people who understand what it’s like to create Freedom in their life, people who are visionaries that will create something significant, something tremendous in the community that we serve.

There’s a difference when you’re making the money to yourself, getting the best of life and it’s totally a different thing when you’re on a mission. You can only be successful when you’re making an impact in a community and your market place. Be a visionary in your perspective field, be an incubator of success.

Never let go off your dream, you will succeed if you just stay on the course.


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